05 January, 2008

Bienvenue à la société d'agneau

Founded... well last night, Société d'Agneau is a group of dedicated enophiles and foodies with a passion for all things cuisine and wine. Here anyone may discuss their gastrological experiences, rants, and passions.

Société d'Agneau was founded by six preeminent cultural figures of American food and wine:

  • Adm van Eeckhout-Specializing in Couture Gastronomy and the steely white wines of Alsace France and northern Europe.
  • Amy Pason-Specializing in Intellectual Gastronomy and the bleeding-edge new world wines of South America, Africa, and Australia
  • Derek Cosby-Specializing in Psychological Gastronomy and the fruit-forward wines of Northwest Sonoma and Spain.
  • Greg McBoat-Specializing in Avant-garde Gastronomy and the classic, charming wines of Bordeaux and Bourguignon.
  • Shameka McBoat-Specializing in Molecular Gastronomy and the bold Cabernets of California and the saccharine wines of Canada and Hungry.
  • Tina Rulli-Specializing in Cultural Gastronomy and the subtle, nuanced wines of the Pacific Northwest and Australia.
Together these six innovators in the world of consumptables will lead each other-and anyone who happens to join along they way-on a journey of discovery and Joie de Vive. Join us, won't you?

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APason said...

Love it!!! And yes, I do much prefer the grapes of warmer climates. It takes me away from the frozen tundra of MN where the wine apparently is not all that good ;-)