07 January, 2008

Birthday Gastronomy Part II

Following my Asian and cock sauce inspired food journeys on my birthday I was sent via Amazing Race Clue back to the house where Meka and prepared a unique take on Birthday cuisine. She took home-style birthday party foods and turned them into healthful and flavourful alternatives. They were amazing. We arrive home and as Meka finished cooking the beer, wine, and green tea martinis started flowing as we played Catch Phrase. The first course was a take on nachos using petite black bean pancakes that were so moist and tender and a perfect vehicle for her homemade salsa with pickled peppers and fresh tomatoes.

The main course that followed as so great I ended up finishing the rest of it after everyone left. It was a southwestern lasagna with green chili cottage cheese filling and from-scratch sauce. Just amazing. It was like if Mario and Bobby had a kid. We took a break and played a new game David Costantino got me for my birthday Hit or Miss and then enjoyed the “birthday cake.” Meka did one of my favourite food things-taking a style of cooking and turning it on its ear but she did it healthfully which totally is not a strength of Iron Chef Balsamic over here. She used on of my most beloved flavours-Peanuts, and made a peanut butter bread with bananas and apples and it was divine. We all loved it. She worked so hard on making a bold and playful menu that was promoting our family’s goals of fitness. It was just a wonderful night.

Sunday we had the opportunity to join some Société d'Agneau members for a birthday lunch at Le Central courtesy of Shameka’s mom-Patricia Mack. A French bistro on Lincoln south of downtown Denver. Meka, her mom, Adm, and Derek all enjoyed a post-evangelical brunch of oeufs, pan perdue, croquet misour, and escargot. We accompanied our rich meal with amazing baguette and European sweet-butter and several wines. Derek had a light and frothy Vin Lime which was Chardonnay, soda water and lemonade. Think of it as a snooty Arnold palmer. I had a Satuern-esque white dessert wine made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes that was served in a small glass.

That evening Carrie Eckhert prepared a birthday dinner for us with braised pork tenderloin and gouda smashed potatoes. Gilding the lily was a caramel chocolate chuck cheesecake. We brought along a bottle of Umbrian red that was very velvety and rich, a great paring to the pork. Overall it was quite the foodie birthday weekend. I count myself so lucky to have such loving and generous friends and family.

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