07 January, 2008

Online Wine Club

Hi Group,

We need to figure out a theme or a bottle for our first Fruit Online the Vine Club tasting. Any ideas for a first one and a structure for this?


Tina said...

hmm, online wine club is gonna provide its own unique set of difficulties.

Two ideas:
1. we set out to sample say 3 glasses in a months time-- and then come back and report

2. We each grab a bottle-- and chat on IM some night.

Or-- maybe there's a third. A combination of sorts. We do option 2. But we then make it a goal to grab a couple of glasses within in the month that fit with the theme.

I like the third option.

So-- I think we should set a theme-- and then all run out and buy a bottle. And then shoot the shit on IM. Someone needs to get a hold of the Foodie Fight game (which I cannot find anywhere-- but will keep trying)-- and then we can do trivia.

Suggested bottles: Cotes du Rhones dominated the Wine Spectator 2007 best 100. We could go there? Perhaps we should narrow down the field?

APason said...

Hey kids,

I could totally do an online chat option (mostly because I just was at an awkward social event where I was completely ignored by a particular individual--which wasn't surprising, but...makes me long to have human contact with people I like, so...).

Perhaps we can recommend bottles and see if we can all find them around our parts or something similar? I kinda like where Tina is going with the third option since I can't drink 3 bottles by myself one night. Oh yeah, that could be bad.

APason said...

How we have let this conversation lapse! But I have some ideas for themes:

1. Eco-friendly wines. In this month's bon appetit, they feature some CA vineyards that use wind power and such. Or we can just go organic and see if there are differences.

2. I've been drinking more Sauvignon Blancs and know nothing about them.

3. I picked up an interesting Chenin Blanc (from Bonny Doon Vineyard--the bottle was pretty), but figured it might be interesting--supposed to be a dry/fruity white (must be like Riesling-ish). But, eh, new grapes are fun.

So that is my thoughts...get Greg to teach us about some new varietals or learn about vineyards being good to the environment