05 January, 2010


This blog is getting reinvigorated...this time to share cooking and recipes (you know, kinda like in that movie/book Julie & Julia). This is in large part because we have failed to detail our eating adventures and in part because at least one of us (me) is now stuck in a place where fine dining = the Red Lobster. So much for getting a Yelp account...

Anyway...after eating a variety of artery bursting goodness in Chicago with Adam and Derek (yeah for Greek lamb and steak benedict with dijon hollandaise and many mimosas!), I am back in the great white north to try making gourmet meals with only what is available in Cub Foods. First up: Chicken Saltimbocca. Much like the "Parade" magazine that comes in BIG city Sunday papers, our local paper in Mankato includes "Relish" (relishmag.com) once a month in our paper, and low and behold, an easy Saltimbucco recipe.

The basics on this version: Chicken is sprinkled with salt, pepper and fresh chopped sage and wrapped in proscuitto (no proscuitto to be found in Mankato, so substitute pancetta had to be done). Dredge chicken in flour/romano mix, dip in egg, dredge again in flour. Fry in olive oil in cast iron skillet with some garlic and thyme sprigs. Finish in 375 oven. Serve with lemon. Make sure to eat a nice spinach salad alongside--gotta get those veggies in!

Overall turned out...except the dredging/coating on chicken which I think has more to do with my lack of skills in the dredging/frying than the recipe (I usually go with the grilled chicken). The difficulty was also in trying to keep pancetta wrapped on chicken WHILE dredging. Any tips or ideas on successful dredging are appreciated!

Not sure how "authentic" a recipe this is, but overall the fresh herbs made the dish.